“Takes a lot of v. difficult variables, like tyres and drivetrain out of the equation” – Michael Hutchinson, author & former elite cyclist

“Body Rocket… …will allow me to optimize my fit process and take it out on the road” – Jessica Laufenberg, owner, Rocket Bicycle Studio

“It would be a huge advantage against my competitors” – James Macdonald, world record holder – John O’Groats to Land’s End and back

The Advantage


Your aerodynamics, instantly, on your handlebars

Be confident you're always in the most aerodynamic position, optimize your power to drag ratio, keep your aerodynamics even as you fatigue. Beat the competition no matter how unpredictable the conditions are!


Don't have a wind tunnel in your backyard?

Now you can know your aerodynamics on every training ride, when you pre-ride the course, and even during the race itself.

Let our advanced analytic software show you how to improve as it learns from your rides.


Body Rocket is the first device to actually measure aerodynamic drag forces outside of a wind tunnel.

To get the accuracy you expect from a power meter or a wind tunnel, you need to directly measure your drag force, and that’s what Body Rocket does. Patented technology, proven through wind tunnel testing.

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