2018/19 RocketDev Team: Join us in reinventing athlete aerodynamics!

Successful applicants will become part of an exclusive group of cyclists and triathletes actively working together to develop the first direct-force drag meter, meaning wind tunnel accurate readings but under real-world conditions.


Body Rocket is dedicated to reinventing athlete aerodynamics by integrating wind tunnel technology directly into your bike.

We are developing the first direct force drag meter, meaning wind tunnel accurate readings but under real-world conditions. Unlike a car or aircraft, bikes can’t be completely designed in terms of aerodynamics because the rider is 85% of the drag, and each person is different.

It’s estimated a typical pro has a CdA of 0.18-0.25, while an amateur has a CdA of 0.25-0.3. What does that mean? At 300 Watts that means 2.5 kph, or over 1 hour it’s a saving of 3 minutes 37 seconds! Just because they have access to a wind tunnel.

We’re building a community to help change that. Real-time drag data means real-world understanding. Actual race data, testing time limited only by your own schedule, deeper understanding of CdA changes with fatigue, ideal setups for flat courses vs. hills. We could go on!

Join us on our journey. Be part of the team as we go through lab testing, wind tunnel testing and, finally, road testing. Help us shape this into a useful tool, for pros and amateurs alike.

Community Development – what does it mean?

As a RocketDev Team rider you will be part of a community which will help us develop and understand the data we begin to collect with Body Rocket. Body rocket is the first of its kind and is capable of capturing hundreds of data points across the riders body. With exclusive access to track testing and open road session the data you gather will be vital in us expanding our knowledge and refining Body Rocket’s applications in the real world!

Working alongside our coaches and engineers you will share your experiences throughout via our website and social media platforms along with exclusive RocketDev Team meetups during which you will get a chance to train alongside experienced Olympic athletes and socialise with your fellow members.

Body Rocket is 100% committed to reinventing athlete aerodynamics and your honest feedback will be vital in ensuring we meet the demands of our athletes and continue to push the boundaries of aerodynamic data capture.

Are you passionate Road Cyclist, Triathlete or avid TT rider?

We want to hear from all types of riders. If you race or ride, road, TT or Triathlon, we need your input to develop Body Rocket. We will read all applications then select our team members based on the type of riding you do, the ability to test and provide quality feedback, and how you might represent the Body Rocket brand out on the road and on social media platforms. We’re currently developing Body Rocket worldwide so we will be selecting RocketDv Team riders across the globe.

How do I apply and what is required?

Simply fill in the Body Rocket Dev Team application at the bottom of the page. Applications close on the 1st March and we’ll announce and contact the successful applicants by the 20th March. Successful applicants will join the 2018/19 RocketDev Team.

We understand you probably have a busy race season planned and that your life is already hectic with training as well so we’ll be grateful for your input however it fits in best with your lifestyle. As a team member you’ll be given early access to Body Rocket equipment and our performance coaching team plus exclusive industry first.

Further ways you could choose to help, but no obligation:

  • Joining us for exclusive open road and track sessions for testing new prototypes.
  • Participating in RocketDev Team training camps
  • Survey and email feedback about our website usability, and our data analysis software. This kind of feedback is incredibly valuable to help us improve how we serve riders, coaches and performance directors.
  • Send us images/videos of your riding and experiences on the road.
  • Social media posts/messages/images/videos
  • Tell us your ideas and views on our latest technology.
  • Championing the Body Rocket Brand.

Applications close 1st March!.

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Further Terms and Conditions
**Please see our full terms and conditions for use of this website in the menu at the end of this page This application process is for the 2018/19 period only. Please note that items provided to team members by Body Rocket, should be used/worn wherever reasonable when riding and especially in images/videos. By applying you agree to join our Body Rocket email. By applying you agree to release without monetary, or any other kind of, remuneration now and in the future any ideas you provide through your participation in the Body Rocket Development program. The judge’s decision as to who is selected to join the RocketDev team is final. Body Rocket reserves the right to end the RocketDev program and team at any point without prior notice.