Aero Testing

When you ride your bike, by far the biggest factor in creating aerodynamic drag is your body.

So it makes sense to do as much as you can to minimise the drag created by your body, right?

Based in Brighton, we use advanced air speed measuring to help people fine tune their position on the bike.

One of our core goals is to democratize cycling. As such we strive to find aerodynamic gains regardless of your position, level, bike or cycling aspirations!

What does our aero testing session consist of?

Having established the make and model of your bike, we will approach the session with the aim of testing 4 or 5 different body positions.

These positions are easily changed by altering such things as handlebar height and reach, saddle layback and angle and also we can test different helmets and clothing.

Once the session is complete we will crunch the numbers and send you a custom results document that will include the following:

  • Wind tunnel accurate CdA measurements
  • Power savings at race speed
  • Speed savings at target power
  • Photographic analysis and comparison
  • Recommendations for your fastest position
  • What we could test next

If you want help finding your fastest position, are keen to gain additional speed with no extra training, are an enthusiastic cyclist who is serious about your performance and looking for marginal gains then fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch!

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