About Us

The Body Rocket team has been together for several years now, initially doing consulting work alongside the development of the Body Rocket system. First designing and manufacturing a system to read and capture power, cadence, and other parameters from laboratory ergometers for UK Sport’s athlete identification programme, then providing engineering services to the Pedrini Design Studio. In 2012 we were awarded the Sussex Santander Entrepreneurship Bursary, and this year we took home 3rd place in the national Santander UK Entrepreneurship Award. We are now focusing exclusively on Body Rocket. With several patents pending and a functional prototype now undergoing testing, the Body Rocket team is currently demonstrating the advantages of real-time measurement to select partners.

The Team


Eric is a former elite cyclist and has a Masters in Engineering Design. His proudest moment as an athlete was competing as a tandem pilot with teammate Matt King at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.

His experience with bicycles includes development work for Trek Bicycles and Saris Cycling Group, the makers of PowerTap and CycleOps training devices.



Michelle has a 1st Class Bachelors in Electronic Engineering, and 20 years of experience in Electronics Design and Development, in various market sectors, including 8 years with Sony and 4 years with Nvidia.

She is a keen leisure cyclist and runner, and ran the Bristol 10K in 2014, but finds nothing more rewarding than the achievement of solving complex engineering problems, of which she has had many in her career so far.

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