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Body Rocket is dedicated to reinventing athlete aerodynamics by integrating wind tunnel technology directly into your bike.

We are developing the first direct force drag meter, meaning wind tunnel accurate readings but under real-world conditions. Unlike a car or aircraft, bikes can’t be completely designed in terms of aerodynamics because the rider is 80% of the drag, and each person is different.

It’s estimated a typical pro has a CdA of 0.18-0.25, while an amateur has a CdA of 0.25-0.3. What does that mean? At 300 Watts that means 2.5 kph, or over 1 hour it’s a savings of 3 minutes 37 seconds! Just because they have access to a wind tunnel.

We’re building a community to help change that. Real-time drag data means real-world understanding. Actual race data, testing time limited only by your own schedule, deeper understanding of CdA changes with fatigue, ideal setups for flat courses vs. hills. We could go on!

Join us on our journey. Be part of the team as we go through lab testing, wind tunnel testing and, finally, road testing. Help us shape this into a useful tool, for pros and amateurs alike.

Be part of the storyBe part of the story